"Theatre should be like sex, and, whether it is good or bad, it should at least leave you feeling something afterwards."

Jake Orr

Photo: Jon Plimmer

This is not theatre that gives a beginning-middle-end narrative - although a story is gently told - but rather, like life, it shows us disjointed fragments that piece together inside our own heads to create meaning.  The material becomes universal when it highlights our isolation inside our memories.  This is theatre for people who like to think, and so will not be to everyone’s taste.

However, even those who do not appreciate the ‘post-dramatic’ approach cannot fail to be touched by the moments of visual beauty and tenderness that come from the company’s playful and innovative approach to technology and the theatrical potential of objects.  Carla Lewis, as the main performer of, Olivia, has a wonderful vulnerability and grace on stage, at times both otherworldly and thoroughly human.  I found her a pleasure to watch throughout, and a comforting presence whilst other elements threatened to overwhelm.

Director Amy Lewis has taken some brave chances, and produced a show that is

Photo: Jon Plimmer

What happened when I met the object of a long-distance relationship - theatre company Awkward City’s ‘Dissolve’ at the New Diorama Theatre #review #multimedia #criticism #entertainment #arts